How to Choose the Right Boat Insurance

Would you drive your car or live in your home without buying insurance? Your yacht deserves the same quality treatment. A pleasure boat insurance program can cover you in case of damage, whether it happens on the open water or while in the harbor. The kind of coverage you invest in depends on how you use your boat, so here are some things to consider.

If your yacht is used as a business, general liability is a must. This coverage protects you if someone is injured while on your vessel. Other coverage options can depend on where you keep your yacht and the weather in that area. For example, boats that berth in Florida multiple times a year may need coverage for hurricane damage. If you frequent busy or near-industrial harbors, then collision coverage is important. Go over your boating habits with your insurers so they know the policies to recommend.

A pleasure boat insurance program can protect your yacht from damages, whether you use this vessel as your own private getaway or as part of a business. The same reliability you expect from an insurer for a vehicle or home is what you need from a boat insurer. Take the time to research all your options so your boat is fully covered.