Are You Covered When Your Business Can’t Open?

Protecting your business from natural disasters can be incredibly important in certain parts of the country, and it’s still a good idea to have basic coverage everywhere because there isn’t a part of the U.S. that doesn’t encounter extreme weather of one kind or another. All it takes is one extra-large storm to make the policy a good investment if your facilities happen to be in its path, but what about those times when disaster strikes and your business is spared while those around you take the hit? It’s a blessing not to have to rebuild, but are you prepared to ride out the disruption when you are prevented from opening due to the damage to the city around you?

Why Business Interruptions Occur

Disasters don’t just strike homes and businesses, they also hit the city’s infrastructure. FGIB explains more about how these interruptions can wind up depleting your reserves and eating up your projected burn time during a downturn, even if you aren’t paying staff or turning on the lights. The right extra coverage is all it takes to make sure you are compensated for those losses so you can be sure you’re ready to reopen after everything is clear. Learn more about business interruption insurance today, and check out whether your existing policies for disaster coverage provide for it. If not, it might be time to get a quote.