Accidents in HVAC Installation and Service

HVAC professionals need a lot of training and experience to perform their work. Their services require advanced technical knowledge, and their services are almost always in high demand. Over the course of a busy workday, technicians must contend with changing working conditions at every stop they make. They must navigate a lot of complex situations, and they also encounter a lot of potential safety hazards. Unsurprisingly, there are many common injuries that affect technicians on a regular basis.

Lifting Strains

A lot of the equipment that HVAC technicians service and replace is extremely heavy. They may sustain injuries when lifting large items or carrying them up and down stairs.

Chemical Exposure

The chemicals that HVAC technicians use to clean air handlers is very abrasive and may cause severe injury to a person’s skin, eyes, or respiratory system. Likewise, the coolant inside of air condensers can be dangerous.


Many HVAC accidents involve scrapes or even deep cuts. Some of the equipment that technicians work with such as fan blades and evaporator coils are very sharp. Sharp areas on equipment may not be easily visible, and they may also be very rusty or coated with chemicals.

HVAC technicians need to be mindful of the dangers involved in their work. Simply safety measures such as wearing personal protective equipment may prevent serious injury.