3 Reasons To Choose an Independent Insurance Agency

Partnering with an independent insurance agency can make it easier for you identify the best options for fulfilling your insurance needs. These are some of the reasons that choosing NorthStar Insurance of New England can help when you need business or personal insurance coverage.

1. Independent Agencies Can Offer Expert Advice

Licensed insurance agents are familiar with products from different providers and can explain how their coverages differ. Explaining your needs once can reduce frustration and save you time. Your independent agent can also help you to get the most for your insurance dollar.

2. Independent Agencies Can Be Your Advocate

An independent agent represents you or your business to the insurance company whose coverage you purchase. If problems arise, NorthStar Insurance of New England can assist you in resolving claim or coverage issues.

3. Independent Agencies Can Be Neighbors

The main offices of large insurance companies are often located in distant cities, making the development of a personal relationship with your provider difficult at best. When you choose to work with an independent insurance agency, it’s likely right around the corner.

The insurance coverage you choose can have a larger and more lasting impact on long-term financial well-being than almost any other purchase. NorthStar Insurance of New England can use its contacts and experience to help you select the best products for your personal or business coverage.