Welcome to DoYourPartClimate.Org!

Welcome, Together We Can Stop Global Warming.Do Your Part unites the efforts of individuals around the country to address global warming by tracking progress towards individual and community goals and showing results.
The original website had been down for a while, but we’re happy to announce a relaunching focused on the intent of the first founders of the website — the expand awareness of our environmental impact to help everyone around the world lower their carbon footprint.
Explore the impact that people around the country are making by reducing their carbon footprints. Search for communities and groups by zip code or keyword (such as a city or a group’s name) and click the “Go” button. Zoom in if necessary, using the slider on the left side of the map, and click on the footprint that represents the community or group you want to select. Then, in the balloon that pops up when you click the footprint, click the community or group’s name to see details on its goals and progress, using our footprint tracker.